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VIDEO: AMS Performance Nissan GT-R Blasts its Way into the Record Books

Even after just a couple years on the market, the Nissan GT-R has already firmly established itself as one of the most spectacular (if not the most unorthodox) supercars of this century, if not all time. If you ask us, the idea of a front-engine, V6-powered, all-wheel-drive 2+2 from Japan being able to pummel mid-engined two-seaters costing twice or thrice as much and hailing from lands like Italy and Germany is as outrageous as it is appealing.

But as is the case with seemingly every mode of transportation short of Aperture Science’s Handheld Portal Device, there’s always at somebody who wants his or her ride to go faster, and Nissan’s giant slayer is no different. Yet while there are plenty of Godzillas shot up with ‘roids running around on the roads and tracks of the world, very few of them are extreme as the one cooked up by West Chicago, Illinois-based AMS Performance.