TAG Heuer Connected in Rose Gold is a Computerized Carrera [w/ Video]

Most smartwatches, it seems, like to put their high tech personalities front and center. However, some folks tend to gravitate toward more traditional-looking computerized watches over timepieces styled like 1960s sci-fi wrist computer thingamajigs. For these people who want classic looks with bang-up-to-date guts and functionality, TAG Heuer introduced its Connected smartwatch earlier this year, and to keep it fresh in the face of increasing competition, the company is now rolling out a solid rose gold version.

As with the standard version, there’s a 46mm case housing a 1.5” diameter LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 360×360 at 240 pixels per inch, a 1.6GHz Intel dual-core processor, 1 GB of main memory and 4 more for storage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability and a battery that provides 25 hours of charge under typical use. And because it’s running Google’s Android Wear operating system, you can add a whole heap of apps to it via the Play Store when you’re not selecting from one of the many customizable dial displays that mimic classic mechanical TAG Heuer Carrera models.

Alas, all this capability class doesn’t come cheap. Although more humble versions of the TAG Heuer Connected retail for $1,500 (if not a bit less if you’re willing to shop price), the solid rose gold version commands a gulp-inducing $9,900. Still, that’s a whole heap cheaper than a lot of mechanical gold-case watches that can only do a teeny tiny fraction of the things a smartwatch can. And if you get bored with it after the two-year warranty is up, you can trade it (along with an additional $1,500) in for a special edition mechanical Carrera that’s only available to Connected owners. We don’t foresee many people taking TAG Heuer up on that offer but, then again, we suppose it’s theoretically possible for a person to go from techie to Luddite overnight…

Source: TAG Heuer

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