Suhorovsky Design Lamborghini Gallardo SR66 front 3/4 view

Suhorovsky Design Lamborghini Gallardo SR66 is an Aventador Impostor

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The practice of modifying a cheap automobile to make it resemble a more expensive one is virtually as old as the automobile itself. From the Cadillac-aping El Morocco of the 1950s to the scores of kits on the market today that you can buy to turn your tired Fiero, MR2 or similar into a facsimile of a late-model Lamborghini or Ferrari, history is full of cars being dressed in fancier duds. Naturally, some of these makeovers are more effective (and/or less vomit-conjuring) than others.

Suhorovsky Design Lamborghini Gallardo SR66 side view

Into which group the Lamborghini Gallardo seen here falls is a matter of personal opinion. Yes, we said Gallardo; even though it has a bunch of Aventador styling cues, this is in fact the last generation of junior Lambo. But this is not some one-off mountain-of-Bondo; it’s actually a body kit called the SR66 from a Polish company by the name of Suhorovsky Design. As you can see, it replaces virtually every panel with an Aventador analogue.

Suhorovsky Design Lamborghini Gallardo SR66 rear 3/4 view

The net result is something that looks fairly convincing from some angles (particularly the rear, where Suhorovsky Design appears to have used actual Aventador taillights), but borderline tacky from others. And if you ask us, the fixed rear wing and front splitter extension kinda help call attention to this not being a real Aventador. In any case, it’s an interesting exercise in automotive restyling that’s sure to find at least a few takers.

Source: Suhorovsky Design

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