StreetFX plush toys assortment

StreetFX Speed Parts Plush Toys Make Internal Combustion Cute

StreetFX plush toys assortment

You love automotive speed parts like bigger turbos and nitrous bottles, right? But did you ever wish they were more…cuddly? No? Well, even so, an Australian company called StreetFX has created a line of anthropomorphized plush toys based on bits and bobs that boost engine performance. There’s Nitro Nick, Turbo Timmy and Piston Pete. Wankel fans will definitely want a huggably-soft Rotor Ronnie, while stance geeks go gaga for Hella Plush Harry. All StreetFX plush toys (and many other novelty items) are currently on sale, so why not head over to their website and get at least a small chunk of your Christmas shopping done with exactly three months to spare?

Source: StreetFX

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