Hennessey Corvette C7 toll road speed run

Stingray Gun: Hennessey Corvette C7 Does the Double-Ton on a Texas Toll Road [Video]

0 Stingray Gun: Hennessey Corvette C7 Does the Double Ton on a Texas Toll Road [Video]

Chevrolet’s new seventh generation Corvette is an exceptional car, even if you don’t factor in the substantial price advantage over most of its imported rivals. But it has left more than a few fans worried; specifically, Corvette fans who fear that the latest Stingray’s head-spinning array of electronic driver aids and the LT1 engine’s fancy direct fuel injection setup will make tuners miserable. How long will the world have to wait for someone to extract those extra ounces of performance that GM intentionally left on the table for reliability/fuel economy/emissions/liability/comfort reasons?

As it turns out, not long at all. As you can see from this video, John Hennessey – the major domo of Hennessey Performance Engineering – recently took a tweaked Corvette C7 (fitted with the Hennessey HPE 600 kit and a 100 horsepower shot of nitrous) to just a hair over 200 mph on a closed section of toll road on the outskirts of Houston. Oh, and FYI: The toll transponder reader doohickey on the gantry over the road was able to scan the one on the windshield of the Corvette, even though it was passing under while doing well over twice the speed limit. In other words, the dream of the Texasbahn is one step closer to reality, right? Right?!

Source: YouTube