St. Bernard’s Hill House is a Lilac-Roofed Retreat

A quick Google image search will tell you that the British Virgin Islands, like their U.S.-held counterparts, are among the prettiest spots on the planet; so pretty, in fact, that you might want to purchase a place to live there. We suppose you could go with an apartment or a modestly sized house, but if you’ve got…oh…$12.5 million to spend on a residence in the region, you could do a whole lot worse than purchase the St. Bernard’s Hill House.

For your aforementioned twelve-and-a-half mil, you get a gated 8.24 acre piece of land that offers sweeping views of the coastline and the sea beyond. Upon this land, there’s a 12,002 square foot estate with five bedrooms (each equipped with their own kitchenette, TV and DVD player), six bathrooms, a heated infinity pool, WiFi, and a gym in the basement of one of the colleges. This place would make a spectacular private residence for you plus friends and family, or possibly a resort if local officials give you the green light. Either way, we’re pretty certain people would be lined up 20-deep to stay here.

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty

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