Spirit Motorcycles GP Sport is a New Great from Britain [w/ Video]

It used to be that you couldn’t swing a dead parrot without hitting a British motorcycle manufacturer. One by one, though, names like Matchless, Brough Superior, BSA, Vincent and Velocette went bust, and these days Blighty’s bike-building biz is but a tiny shadow of its former self. Lately, however, some small operations have emerged to try to bring the numbers back up, and one of the latest to do so, Spirit Motorcycles headquartered in Wrotham, Kent, joins the party with the GP Sport.

This sleek superbike is built around a hand-fabricated aluminum frame, to which Spirit attaches a 750cc triple purportedly based on Triumph’s 675cc unit and rated at a healthy 156 horsepower in standard form and a mighty 180 horsepower in the track-centric GP Sport R. There’s an entire suite of diagnostic systems and adjustable rider aids – including traction control and an electronically-controlled slipper clutch – controlled by a Motec M130 ECU, as well as a 4G wireless hotspot (which uses a Vodafone SIM card in the U.K.) to allow the bike to store track day data in the cloud, beam data to Spirit, and even let Spirit technicians send updates to the bike from the factory. Very cool…and also very pricey: Based on current exchange rates, the GP Sport would cost about $56,000, while the GP Sport R would drain about $81,000 from your bank account.

Source: Spirit Motorcycles

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