Speake-Marin Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project Enters the Dragons


There are artsy watches, and then there are artsy watches. This latest creation of Speake-Marin – a Swiss company established in 2002 by England-born Peter Speake-Marin – unquestionably falls into the latter camp. But it’s not just the watch itself that’s a visual tour de force; the case that holds it is a stunner, too.


Collectively called the Speake-Marin Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project (Really rolls off the tongue, eh?), the two items are inspired by the Kennin-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, which is believed to be the country’s oldest surviving Zen Buddhist temple (It was established in 1202.). A whopping four master watchmakers were involved in the design and manufacture of the watch and its box. The intricately-carved watch face features a double dragon motif, which is carried over to the perimeter of the watch case and the storage box. You really could look at the watch dozens of times and manage to notice a new claw, flourish or other detail every time. Unfortunately, few people will even catch a quick glimpse of this timepiece, as Peter Speake-Marin says it will remain a one-off creation.

Source: Speake-Marin

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