Magnus Walker Porsche 911T

Southern Comforts of Home: Magnus Walker Tours Dixieland in His ’71 Porsche 911T [Video]

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We’ve never been ones to turn down a new video centered on urban fashion impresario/pathological Porsche hot rodder Magnus Walker. However, as much as we like seeing Magnus’ and our neck of the woods splashed across the YouTube-o-sphere, there are only so many SoCal spots that lend themselves to driving videos. What we’re trying to say, folks, is that we’d like to see Mr. Walker venture a little bit farther afield now and then.

But, what’s this? A video featuring Magnus and his signature 1971 911T street/track car roaming the Deep South? And hot-lapping Virginia International Raceway (albeit one of the short courses), and taking in a Porsche exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art? It’s like he and the crew at eGarage can read our mind. Get out of our head, guys! (No, seriously, it’s not safe in there.)

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