SEMA 2009 Preview: Rhys Millen Creates 500HP V8 RM460 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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So, Rhys Millen. You’ve conquered the drifting and time attack world, and recently set a Pikes Peak Hill Climb record. Sliding 100+mph along the edge of a mountain is your job. What could possibly make you excited for SEMA? It will require something special, maybe a little crazy. How about a Hyundai Genesis Coupe with 500hp in the back seat? Sounds good to Rhys. Meet the RM460 Genesis Coupe, mid-engined insanity from down under.

Starting with a plain-Jane Hyundai Genesis coupe, Rhys and his team yanked the stock motor along with the back seats, and mounted a Tau V8 (From the Genesis sedan) in its place. Built with JE pistons to raise compression and an AEM engine-management system, it now puts out 500hp. Interestingly, the 4.6L has been fitted with 8 individual throttle bodies, which may be a tuning nightmare, but will make this engine look SEMA-worthy. The rear-facing power plant is mated to a 5 speed sequential transmission. This is no “show pony”, the guts of this car are weapons-grade.

Rhys Millen RM460 Genesis Coupe

If anyone is qualified to improve the handling ability of a car, its Rhys Millen. To reign in the power, StopTech brakes were added at all four corners. New KW coil-overs give the car a terrific stance and better dynamics. Of note, the original MacPherson strut front and rear suspension setup remains in operation. Sticky Toyo T1R tires are stretched around some great-looking 20” HRE 560 wheels. 

Rhys Millen RM460 Genesis Coupe

To accommodate the engine, a new, vented, carbon-fiber hatch was designed. It adds to the sweet contrast of black and red, which continues throughout. A RMR Signature Edition body-kit was installed to match the car’s lines. Sparco Chrono sports seats along with Alcantara and carbon-fiber trim panels will adorn the interior. It also features a bangin’  Infinity Kappa Perfect sound system. It wouldn’t be SEMA without a woofer or two.

Rhys Millen RM460 Genesis Coupe

The only question is, “Why?” Why go to the trouble of making this Coupe into a mid-engined bad boy, capable of pestering the kids in the super car club? Perhaps Hyundai thinks something unexpected is needed to boost sales. The fun theory is that Hyundai is using this build to find out what the Genesis can really do. Wishful thinking? Hope not. Hyundai has made 2 cars for difficult and competitive markets, and both have been successes. If they’re considering building a V8-powered, mid-engined sports car, and will sell it for less than an R8, I won’t get in their way.

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