SW20 Toyota MR2s

Second Generation, First in Our Heart: Celebrating the SW20 Toyota MR2 [Video]


We can definitely appreciate all three generations of theToyota MR2. However, if asked to pick a favorite, we would say the second generationSW20 chassiswithout hesitation. Sure, it may lack the simplicity and campy ‘80s styling of the originalAW11, and it doesn’t have some of the mod-cons or full-convertible top of theZZW30 Spyder(not outside 91 factory-performed conversions sold in Japan, anyway), but it looks the part of a mid-engine sports car. And in the case of theTurbo version, it felt as fleet on the straightaways as it did in the turns.

Not surprising, many other folks also love the middle child ofToyota’s junior exotic family. A few of them, includingMasruque Murtosa Ali, belong to theTexas MR2 Owners Club. And after watching this video, all we can say is, “Who says the only late model Toyota capable of inspiring lust is theSupra?”

Source: YouTube

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