RUF Rt 12 S Based on Porsche 911 Turbo Gets Upgraded to 685 Horsepower

RUF Rt 12 S

Back in 2005, RUF Automobile released the Rt 12, based on the Porsche 997, with massive 650 horsepower. Now the German super-tuner has decided it’s time for another update. The RUF Rt 12 S gets a little more get-up with 685 horsepower which is good for a top speed of 224 mph. With this much power, RUF decided that it might be wise to give the driver a little more protection and has integrated a roll bar cage into the ceiling.

RUF Rt 12 S

RUF has integrated large air ducts into the 911 Turbo’s widened rear fenders, added a carbon fiber rear spoiler, installed CT3 mirrors and updated the front fascia including LED daytime running lights and turn signals. Ceramic disc brakes are placed just behind new RUF forged 19 inch light alloy wheels front and back. Additional options include a hydraulic height adjustable front axle with up to 50 mm more clearance, bucket seats or sports seats, a revised steering wheel with additional grip and your choice of any type of varnish, aluminum or carbon accents.

The RUF Rt 12 S starts at $359,000 and can be delivered either in standard AWD or converted to RWD. Even though this car is an absolute monster, the aesthetic mods are nicely integrated and rather subtle, if I dare say so. For those looking for more extreme styling, I think that simply selecting this car in a dark color (or something other than red) would make it appear much more aggressive and would not warrant further customization. Even going with some two-tone racing inspired livery like the Porsche 911 GT2 9ff BT2 would make a huge difference. Just my two cents…

Source: RUF Automobile

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