Rolex Tudor Introduces Hydro 1200 and Hydronaut II Chronograph Diving Watches

Rolex Tudor Hydro 1200 Watch

If you keep up with motorsports, you may be familiar with Tudor Watch as a timing partner for Porsche. If not, its parent company, Rolex, is a household name and one of the world’s premier luxe timepiece manufacturers.

Until recently, Tudor, featuring ETA movement and a pared down aesthetic, was a compromise for those who couldn’t scrape up enough dough for a Rolex. Now, it looks like Rolex is taking its sister brand in a new direction with revamped product lines including the Hydronaut Series of water-sport watches that feature Rolex quality standards. 

Rolex Tudor Hydro 1200 Watch

At Baselworld 2009, two new watches from this collection were introduced – the Hydronaut II Chrono and Hydro 1200 – both featuring self-winding mechanical movement. These widely touted watches are now available for sale. The French Navy as well as the US Navy Seals have used Tudor Rolex watches for their divers over the years so there is no question about their reliability or durability.

Rolex Tudor Hydro 1200 Water

The Tudor Hydro 1200 sports three large hands inside its 43mm case with a unidirectional turning bezel. This is a serious performance watch featuring a special helium valve that allows gas trapped inside the watch during deep dives to safely escape during the ascent. A 3 mm thick crystal allows it to withstand extreme pressure. The Hydro II is water resistant down to 1200 meters or 3930 feet. The bracelet is made out of steel and has black ceramic inserts.

Rolex Tudor Hydronaut II Chronograph

The Tudor Hydronaut II has a 41mm steel case, sapphire crystal face and pushers at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock for chronograph functions. It also sports a screw-down crown,  unidirectional rotatable black bezel and 1/8 turn locking system. The black rubber strap has a folding clasp for sliding the watch on and off quickly. The Hydronaut II is more suitable for casual divers with a water resistance up to 200 meters or 660 feet.

Rolex Tudor Hydronaut II Chronograph Watch

Source: Tudor Watch

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