Audi R8 RECON MC8_5

Potter & Rich Recon MC8 is an Aggro Audi R8

Audi R8 RECON MC8_5

The first generation Audi R8 might be old news, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. This is particularly true of the R8 V10, which is the model a London outfit by the name of Potter & Rich started out with before creating – along with some highly respected names in the tuning world – the wild and eye-catching ride you see here (Yes, we’re still talking about the car, you horndogs…).

Audi R8 RECON MC8_23

Officially christened the Potter & Rich Recon MC8, this amazeballs Audi is instantly distinguishable by its complete carbon fiber body kit cribbed from the ultra successful R8 LMS Ultra GT3 racecar. The kit’s fatter fenders are stuffed with two sets of wheels: A quartet of 18” three-piece BBS wheels wearing track-ready tires, and a foursome of MB-Design wheels (20” fronts, 21” rears) wrapped in street tires for when you aren’t hot lapping. A super-adjustable KW suspension system and the R8 LMS Ultra’s Brembo brake system also help the chassis interface with the pavement.

Audi R8 RECON MC8_11

And there’s a whole lot of power interfacing with the pavement. The 5.2L V10 has been completely removed and rebuilt by the horsepower fiends at Mcchip-DKR, who have fitted sturdier internals, improved breathing and, most notably, installed one of their supercharger kits, which placekicks output to 937 horsepower and 664 lb.-ft of torque. That power is transferred to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and from there, in another nod to the gentleman racer version, only the rear wheels. And testing took place on unrestricted sections of the German autobahn, the Ascari Race Resort circuit in Spain and, of course, the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Like the Internet, this car is serious business.

Audi R8 RECON MC8_17

And it will also be seriously rare: Potter & Rich will make just 10 Recon MC8s, presumably priced at a number that will make your CPA lose his lunch. But short of one of the electron-boosted hyperexotics or some other extreme machine, where else are you going to find such a scintillating combination of style, speed and exclusivity? Go ahead, we’ll wait…but Potter & Rich won’t.

Source: Potter & Rich

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