Parking Meter App for Apple iPhone – Find Your Ride & Refill the Meter (VIDEO)

Parking Meter for iPhone

As the iPhone is woven deeper and deeper into the fabric of our lives, more and more simple functions, which we somehow are able to repeatedly botch, are becoming automated and streamlined. One of these involves the basic task of remembering where you actually parked your car and how much time you have left on the meter. Enter the Parking Meter application for Apple iPhone, which has just been updated to support the 3.0 OS version with some cool new features. If you live in a big city with a sprawling downtown, plenty of parking garages and expansive lots or are traveling in an unfamiliar area you may want to check this out.

Parking Meter app for iPhone

Parking Meter allows you to record your location using the iPhone’s built-in GPS (hopefully you are not 17 levels underground) and provides an easy way to note where you parked (such as Section G7). You can take a picture for a little reminder if you don’t have the mental bandwidth at your disposal. And when you are harried and disoriented on your way back, there is even a map function that will guide you back to your ride.

Parking Meter app for iPhone

Personally, I’m usually pretty good about remembering where I’ve left the car. However, where I usually fall down is ballparking how much time I have left on the meter. And with meter maids circling like hawks in LA this is a dangerous game. I try to be responsible and set the alarm on my cell but that’s a pain as you have to do all kinds of time math and figure out a buffer. Parking Meter has a much more elegant solution.

Parking Meter app for iPhone

Setting a reminder for the expiration time of your meter on the iPhone is simple and just requires selecting how much time you have on the meter using a virtual scroll wheel. Parking Meter also provides a variety of alert mechanisms. If the app is running, you get either an audible or vibration alert at a preset number of minutes before your time expires. But what’s really cool is that Parking Meter now has the ability for push notification where it can send either a text message or e-mail message as well.

Parking Meter app for iPhone

Take it from someone who gets at least a couple hundred dollars in parking tickets a year (which is actually pretty good in LA!), spend the $1.99 for the Parking Meter app at the Apple iTunes store and use it. If not this application, find something that works for you. iSkySpotter, ParkingApp and Park’n Find are some other good alternatives for locating your parking spot and keeping track of meter times.

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