This Norwegian Chalet is Valhalla on Earth

Around this time of year, a lot of people begin to yearn for a quiet, rustic place to get away from it all out in the snow-covered countryside. We’re not gonna lie: Getting away from all the last-minute shopping craziness, your neighbors’ obscenely overkill light/decoration displays and the ghastly traffic that stems from both holds lot of appeal. And if you’re looking for just such a winter retreat in central Norway that’s available to purchase, consider today your lucky day.

This sublime chalet – called Skarvegløtt – is located in the resort town of Geilo, which is roughly 150 miles northwest of the nation’s capital, Oslo, and offers a variety of fun outdoor activities for both winter and summer. The six bedroom, five bathroom residence covers 7,535 square-feet, and features five fireplaces, oak hardwood floors imported from the U.S., a heated indoor pool and a wine cellar, among other things. Yeah, the roughly $5.3 million asking price is out of reach for most of us proles, but if it isn’t too much for you, there’s a lot of bang for your buck here.

Source: Krogsveen

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