Mcchip-DKR Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Project mc8xx front 3/4 view

Mcchip-DKR Project mc8xx is a Mad, Mad Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

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When Mercedes-Benz and AMG first crammed a V8 into the C-Class (the C43 AMG of 1998), it upped the small German super sedan ante considerably; less than two model cycles later, BMW M GmbH and Audi quattro GmbH were stuffing achtzylinder Motoren into the M3, S4 and RS4. Even Lexus eventually got in on the act with the IS F. Of course, if V8s in small sport/luxury sedans are good, hopped-up V8s in small sport/luxury sedans are better, right?

Mcchip-DKR Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Project mc8xx rear 3/4 view

That’s probably what Mcchip-DKR was thinking when it was putting together the C63 AMG Sedan you see here. It’s got the same M156 6.2L AMG V8 with which it left the factory, however there are some notable additions. Chief among those additions is a 3.25L supercharger, which does most of the heavy lifting needed to raise engine output to a claimed 830 horsepower. And lest you assume Mcchip-DKR didn’t do anything to help this monster – which has been dubbed Project mc8xx – cope with all that newfound muscle, they’ll be happy to let you know that they’ve installed a Drexler mechanical limited slip differential and a KW Clubsport suspension kit.

Mcchip-DKR Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Project mc8xx engine view

And while this super sedan now has the bones and muscles needed to give supercars fits, its skin doesn’t look drastically different from stock. Yes, there are new bumpers, fender flares, side skirts and vented hood inspired by those on the coupe-only C63 AMG Black Series, and the 19” aftermarket wheels are finished in gloss black, but there’s nothing on the exterior like a big rear wing or wild vinyl graphics that really screams “LOOK AT ME! I’M CRAZY-FAST!” Even the color – Ibis White, which comes from the Audi catalog – is pretty subdued. Just don’t expect the performance to be the same…

Source: Mcchip-DKR

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