LUMMA Design “White Pepper” Porsche Cayenne II

LUMMA Design Porsche Cayenne II

Following up on their first pass at tuning the Porsche Cayenne, LUMMA Design is taking another go at this luxury sport-ute with a more aggressive approach aimed at differentiating their offering from the rest of the aftermarket fray. Dubbed the “White Pepper”, one of their greatest accomplishments is the extension of the wheel base while still managing to knock 400 pounds of fat from this 2 ton white and black accented beast.

LUMMA is offering a new body kit, CLR 558 GT, that serves up a front bumper featuring a spoiler with inlets, revised rear bumper with diffusers, rear spoiler lip (in carbon or matching paint), flared fenders front and back and monster side sills with integrated door supports.

LUMMA Design Porsche Cayenne II

In addition, the company offers new fog lamps available with LEDs and elongated daylight lamps. For a bit of added flair, the engine cover features air outlets and is constructed of a carbon Kevlar blend. The SUV can be dropped up to 40mm (1.5 inches) by way of an air suspension lowering module and rides on custom multipart wheels measuring 22 x 10 inches front and rear wrapped in 295/30-22 rubber with the help of wheel spacers.

LUMMA Design Porsche Cayenne II

There’s no real information on the tuning efforts but the Porsche Cayenne II does benefit from a complete sports exhaust system with a centered 3-tip stainless steel end pipe and an adapted pre-muffler which expels a throatier note.

LUMMA Design Porsche Cayenne II

Inside, the LUMMA Design Porsche Cayenne II features a two part aluminum milled pedal set complete with anti-slip rubber knobs and foot rest. A four part door sill panel set is illuminated with the LUMMA logo and the floor mats feature leather bordering and a black leather kick-plate with the LUMMA emblem. The luggage area features similar accents with black leather bordering and a matching logo.

Source: LUMMA Design

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