Lumma Design Jaguar F-Pace CLR F is a Custom Crossover Cat

The very first production Jaguar crossover or SUV, the befuddlingly-named F-Pace, will be motoring into dealers soon, and tuner Lumma Design is raring to go on the customization front with a body kit it’s calling CLR F. New bumpers, side skirts, a vented hood, wider fenders and a rear wing give the soft-roading Jag a more macho appearance, while a set of 24” wheels, more exotic interior trim materials and a power kit to summon an extra 100 horsepower from the supercharged 3.0L V6 (for 480 horsepower total) will also be in the Lumma Design catalog. Perfect for when you absolutely have to be the first on your block, even if said block has multiple F-Paces…

Source: Lumma Design

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