Essen Motor Show 2009: LOMA Performance Intimidating Corvette C6.BlackforceOne

Loma Performance C6 BlackforceOne

Germany and the United states have been playing a version of “wife swap” lately. U.S. shops like Switzer and Sharkwerks have been building amazing, highly-modified Porsches faster than we can type. At the same time German tuners are creating American-built powerhouses like the Geiger Cars‘ recent Camaros and crazy two-tone 800hp Corvette. Well the formula appears to be working, because at the Essen Auto show there is a new American-made, German-injected powerhouse. It’s by Loma Performance and called the C6 BlackforceOne.

If the name sounds like Obama’s current mode of air travel, it’s because Loma wanted it to. They say the car is “clearly reminiscent” of the President’s plane. Well, they do both possess the power to kill you, but the car is far more intimidating to look at. The various cuts, points, and folds on the new body panels look more SR-71 than 747.The mean flared fenders are made from carbon fiber, as are the front and rear lips. It is only available in 3 matte-finished colors; Stealth Black, Eurofighter Grey,and White Storm. I think the black would be a perfect replacement for Bruce Wayne’s crashed LP-640. From every angle, in any color, the car looks evil. This car probably brings its own thunderstorms wherever it goes to add to the already ominous arrival.

And thunder it does. The V8 has twin-turbos and puts out a ferocious 783hp, sent to the wheels through a carbon clutch and drive-shaft. Hit the fun pedal and 60 is gone in 3.4 seconds. The top speed is 205 mph. Thinking, “That’s it?” Loma thought you might, “LOMA believes in good acceleration in all situations rather final speed as a status-symbol…”. Bravo Loma, it’s about time someone said it. The suspension and sway bars are adjustable. Connected to massive 275/30R19 (front) and 335/25R20 (rear) tires, this car has the chops of a proper race car. 300 different choices of leather are available for the interior, but carbon fiber door panels and a flat-bottom steering wheel remind you what you’re in.


Only 25 of the Loma Performance C6 BlackforceOne will be built and with a price of $285,000 I’m not surprised. I’m sorry but that’s too much. I like the way it looks, it has carbon fiber, and Alcantara but it is not worth 458 Italia money, even with 800hp. There are cheaper places to get power from your Corvette, and you won’t have to float it over the Atlantic. Good thing it’s perfect for Bruce Wayne, he can afford it.





C6.BlackforceOne American Beauty C6 Z06 ZR1 Video:

Source: Loma Performance

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