This Might Be the Ultimate Houseboat

You’re familiar with houseboats, right? They’re pretty much floating RVs that you can rent for vacationing at places like Lake Havasu. But there’s no way in hell those pontoon-bottomed vessels are swanky enough for such exotic locales as, say, Dubai, which is exactly why a company based there is building the most baller houseboats you’ve ever seen.

Called the Floating Seahorse Signature Edition and designed and engineered by the Kleindienst Group, this $3.3 million floating house contains 4,000 square-feet of floor space spread across three stories…one of which is completely below the waterline and features floor-to-ceiling picture windows. Other cool amenities? Well, the bottom floor also has a 600 square-foot coral garden, while the top floor has a glass-bottomed hot tub which, depending on your selection of fellow guests, will provide upward-gazing second story lounge dwellers with a vista that is either heavenly or horrifying. Choose wisely.

Source: Kleindienst Group

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