Guldstrand GS90 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

King of Kings of the Hill: Dick Guldstrand Reflects on His Corvette ZR-1 GS90 [Video]

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Twenty years ago, theChevrolet Corvette ZR-1was serving up world-class performance in a package that looked much like a regularC4-generationCorvetteCoupe. That was good for sneaking up on unsuspectingPorscheandFerraridrivers, but also bad in that it didn’t look special enough relative to the regular ‘Vette. Many people wished the ZR-1 announced things like its wider rear fenders and theLotus-designedDOHC 32-valve variantof the immortalChevroletSmall Block V8more loudly.

One of these people isDick Guldstrand. In fact, he went so far as to hop up the5.7L LT5 engineand replace almost every exterior panel of a ZR-1 to create theGS90. But Guldstrand isn’t some wealthy gearhead eccentric; no, he rose to fame racing Corvettes around the country and the world during the 1960s, and has spent much of the last 40 years selling performance parts (some of which were manufactured by our own father) for Corvettes. Yes, the GS90 is dated in terms of performance (and maybe styling), but when you look at it as a manifestation of one man’s love for a nameplate to which he owes so much, it suddenly becomes timeless.

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