King of Europe DRIFT Series from Serbia – Round 1 (VIDEO)

King of Europe Drift Series

We all know that drifting is catching on like wild fire. The sport has its roots in Japan where D1 Grand Prix is huge. Formula Drift is a big success in the US already and the fact that two venues (with D1 GP now here) can be sustained and prosper is testiment to the growing fanbase of the sport. And it’s catching on in other countries as well with more and more drifting leagues popping up left and right. Drift Mania is super popular up north in Canada and in New Zealand the NZ Drift Series is coming on strong.

Starting back in 2005, King of Europe has held a Drift Series with venues across the continent. This year the season kicked off in Kragujevac, Serbia and this video show a little clip from their opener which took place May 9th and May 10th.The next events take place in Russia, France, Hungary, Romania and Greece.

Source: EverythingDrift | King of Europe

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