Joey Ruiter Dodge Challenger A/T Unlimited Concept front 3/4 in sand rendering

Joey Ruiter Dodge Challenger A/T Unlimited Concept is Kowalski and Mad Max Approved

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While two of Germany’s luxury automakers are trying to see who can invent the most random and obscure new subspecies of vehicle, they’re both ignoring the obvious(?) next big thing: The sport-utility muscle car! Okay, maybe it’s not the sort of thing that would be a runaway success, but it is an interesting automotive premise. Independent designer Joey Ruiter actually went so far as to render a jacked-up, chunky-tired Dodge Challenger. And as much as we loathe movie remakes, this dual-personality Dodge would look as much at home in a(nother) Mad Max remake as it would in a(nother) Vanishing Point remake. Just don’t get any ideas, Hollywood…

Source: Joey Ruiter

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