JD Customs BMW i8 is Lemon Edgy


The BMW i8 is certainly one of the most attention-grabbing cars on sale today, and not just because of its clever hybrid powertrain; it also draws a crowd for its futuristic, concept-car-worthy styling. Yet as wild and out-there as the i8’s design is, BMW has chosen to offer just four color choices: White, blue, silver and a so-dark-it’s-practically-black gray. We don’t know about you but, if we were shelling out at least $136,500 for a new car, we’d expect to have a bigger palette from which to pick an exterior hue.

Luckily, a Dutch outfit called JD Customs has come up with a frozen (i.e. semigloss) yellow vinyl wrap from 3M for the Motoren Werke’s hybrid supercar. We know yellow cars might not be your thing, but we love it in this case because it gives the i8 an eye-catching look that’s even more in line with its supercar status. JD Customs also added window tint from SunGard and a set of ADV.1 wheels…you know, in case you still had trouble picking it out from the other i8s at your favorite EV charging station.

Source: JD Customs

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