Il Palmetto is Nine-Figure Nirvana

The climate and geography of south Florida are, it should go without saying, about as different from the climate and geography of Switzerland as you can get. Yet that did not deter Swiss-born architect Maurice Fatio from creating what could very well be one of the most luxurious homes in Palm Beach, Il Palmetto. Oh, and he did so in 1930! Granted, the estate has been updated over the decades to keep up with changing technology and lifestyles, but whoever its next owner is will notice that its timeless opulence is as present as ever.

Patterned after the palazzos built during the Italian Renaissance, this 10 bedroom, 14 bathroom compound sits on a 5.46 acre lot that stretches from the shore of Lake Worth (on which you’ll find a boathouse with two motorized boat launch mechanisms and a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment occupying the second story) to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean (where you’ll find a two bedroom, three bathroom beach house with its own kitchen, infinity pool and a private pedestrian tunnel under Ocean Drive – the street that runs north-south through the eastern quadrant of the property – so you don’t have to wait for traffic). The main house – which is mostly a series of pavilions connected by cloisters – boasts a chef’s kitchen with top-notch modern appliances, a library, a billiards room, an exercise room/spa, and a 20,000 bottle carved limestone wine cellar.

If it sounds like Il Palmetto’s price tag is block-out-the-sun big, well…you’d be right: The current asking price is $137 million. Sure, you could buy three or four fancy pads in other parts of the world instead and still have a few bucks leftover, but odds are none of them would have the sublime location, cool features and neat history that this place does. Choose wisely, one-tenth-of-one-percenters…

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty

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