Hysek Colossal Grande Complication is Complexity Writ Large

If you’re into watches that simply tell time and look nice, you have plenty of manufacturers and models from which to choose. If you’re into watches that are complex to the point of being art and/or sprocket porn, you may want to take a good look at the latest offering from Hysek, the Colossal Grande Complication. And, in case the pictures haven’t given it away, “complication” is the operative word here.

At 44 mm, the 18 karat rose gold case is on the chubby side, but it incorporates sapphire crystals on the front and sides, as well as a transparent back. It’s a good thing all those windows are there, because they let you see more of the innermost workings of the HW80 movement (which packs a 45 hour power reserve), which displays the day, month and day of the week, as well as phases of the moon and even when it’s a leap year! No surprise, then, that Hysek will be charging a number “somewhere under $700,000” (Can you say, “$699,999?”) for each of the eight Colossal Grande Complications it plans to build.

Source: Hysek

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