Honda boils tea kettles with a… NSX Concept GT? [video]


If you are a Honda fan like I am, then you’re excited about the reintroduction of an all-new NSX to Honda’s stable of sensible cars. Honda is known for many things besides its automobiles and motorcycles. You have lawnmowers, robots, mobility devices, watercraft, generators, and even jet planes. Honda Japan has released this video promoting its new line of sustainable home energy systems called Honda Smart Home System, or HSHS.

This system is designed to provide heating and energy to ones home, and can provide a user with their own energy and mobility in the event of a disaster. In this video, Honda uses their NSX Concept GT race car to boil a series of tea kettles. You have to see it to believe it. Hit past the break to view the video, and be sure to turn your sound up.


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