Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde Goes out on a Limb


Harry Winston is certainly one of the most respected names in watchmaking; however, it’s not really a firm that’s known for adventurous, elaborate designs. But in the high-end watch market circa 2015, bolder is better, and the higher-ups at Harry Winston aren’t idiots. That’s why they’ve allowed this rather trippy-looking timepiece to see the light of day.


It’s called the Ocean Dual Time Retrograde and, as the name implies, it’s able to display the current time in two time zones at once. The left side of the dial is dominated by the local time indicator (which follows a retrograde movement), while the right side features the second time indicator (which incorporates the company’s signature shuriken – a.k.a. Japanese throwing star – motif) and a power indicator to keep tabs on the 281-piece self-winding movement.


The mechanical bits reside within a 44.2 mm brushed white gold case, which is in turn held on the wrist by strap featuring a royal blue alligator-skin insert. No word yet on pricing or how many will be made, but one thing is for certain: From now on, it will be awfully hard to accuse Harry Winston designers of not having a rebellious streak.

Source: Harry Winston

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