Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 Finally Gets Damage Rendering & It’s Goooood! (w/VIDEO)

Gran Turismo 5 Damage Rendering

As huge fans, we’ve been actively following news coming out of Polyphony Digital’s camp related to their upcoming Gran Turismo 5 release for the Playstation 3. The chatter has been picking up of late with a holiday season launch imminent and we have seen some cool videos showcasing night racing and changing weather conditions, two of the great new options, but really haven’t seen evidence of the killer feature that we were looking for… until now. Finally, after watching its XBOX 360 counterpart, Forza 2, release ‘damage rendering’ game play way back in 2007, we have real visual evidence that GT5 will provide full-on crash ’em and bash ’em action.

Gran Turismo 5 Damage Rendering

Just check out this video of a 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STi slamming into walls, getting rear-ended by other cars and generally being beaten up on the track. And from what we can see, Gran Turismo 5 has some pretty amazing destruction AI. It even looks like (and I’m going out on a limb here, maybe a very long one) there may be vehicle specific crumple zones and parts segmentation during collisions. It will be interesting to see how Forza 3 ups the ante in the upcoming release, but for now enjoy this GT5 footage.

Source: GT Planet

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