How to Get High Horsepower at a Low Price

Many experts will tell you that horsepower isn’t everything when picking out a car. This is true, but it’s also certainly true that horsepower is a factor to consider, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as flooring it on a straight, clear stretch of road and feeling the world soar past you.

Unfortunately, high performance engines tend to come in high performance vehicles, which in turn means that they come with price tags to match. But do not despair, there are ways to get your hands on the raw power you crave, and here are just a few.

Do Research to Find the Best Ratio of Power to Price

Sometimes, you’ve just got to put the work in. It’s not too difficult to find lists of vehicles boasting a good horsepower (lets say about 300 brake horsepower—some vehicles go a lot further but this figure is a lot higher than your typical family run around) and hunt around for the best prices.

Then it’s a simple matter of comparing cost to power—you can do this by eye and instinct or divide every price by the corresponding horsepower if you want an accurate power-per-pound figure.

You might find that a lot of these vehicles aren’t as cheap as you might hope, though they may also be a lot more affordable than some of the other options—compare the Ford Mustang V6 to the BMW M5, for example—but what counts as expensive for a large purchase like a car will often be a personal matter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Used

The simplest solution to the problem of cost is to go through the used market. You can even use your existing research as a starting point for finding high power models. Sites like Unbeatablecar Supermarket

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