German Tuner mcchip-dkr Supercharges the 2013 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

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In a world where everything can be automated and the precision-guided instrument of a machine is often found in place of a skilled craftsman, there’s something to be said about still doing things by hand – and the folks at AMG must feel the same way. Under the self-descriptive motto of “one man, one engine”, each AMG engine is hand-built and assembled by one craftsman and one craftsman only. Once finished, the individual affixes a hand-signed plaque to the engine so each AMG customer knows who to thank.

So what do you do then, if you don’t feel that your AMG machine is quite powerful enough? Specifically, what do you do if you feel your C63 AMG with its 6.2L V8 and 451HPjust isn’t enough? Well, if you’re German tuning companymcchip-dkr, you apply forced induction and over eight years of in-house chip development research and let the results speak for themselves.

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mcchip-dkr actually offers four stages of gradual therapeutical power increases for any horsepower-hungry drivers of the C63 AMG. Through careful optimization of individual engine computers, mcchip-dkr’s Stage 1 kit pushes the mighty 6.2L V8 to roughly 510HP and bumps the torque output up by 40lbs-ft.

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Buyers who opt for the Stage 2 kit will receive a mcchip-dkr exhaust manifold and connecting pipe on top of their ECU optimization – which will add an additional 113HP and 65lbs-ft of torque to the C63 AMG’s stock unit. Of course, there’s no point in having all this extra power if a limiter cuts in, so beginning with the Stage 1 kit, mcchip-dkr kindly pushes the top speed up to 186MPH.

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With the Stage 3 kit, the go-fast bits keep coming in. If you do lay down $14,600 USD for the C63 AMG’s Stage 3 package, you’ll see your car’s meager 451HP raised to a family-sedan shattering 600HP through a bespoke manifold and tuned mufflers. With great power comes great handling responsibility and mcchip-dkr also provides remotely adjustable dampers to make sure you can put all your newly purchased horses to the ground.

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But of course, it’s the Stage 4 power package that ignites the little motor in our hearts the most. By Stage 4, the V8 is fitted with a supercharger kit and high-end exhaust system to produce 660HP and 553lbs-ft of torque. Or in layman’s terms, probably more than enough to win most tug of war competitions.

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Making sure all that power gets put down through the Dunlop Sportmaxx tires is a full KW Clubsport suspension setup and something called aSportabgaskrümmer (which try as it might, Google Translate can’t fully understand).

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Of course, if you’re spending nearly $35K on top of your $60K German autobahn runner, you can’t go around looking like every other C63 AMG out there:

To draw attention with the public appearance, the white exterior paint is equipped with a “discreet” MC660-foliation with a high recognition value from the pen of CoverEFX.

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While the definition of discrete must vary a lot between the American and German dictionaries, power is a universal language and the mc-chip DKR Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG looks pretty good here.

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