Gemballa Mirage GT Matt Edition: The Porsche Carrera GT Finally Gets a Suit That Fits

Gemballa Mirage GT - Matt Edition in Black & Red

Porsche tuner GEMBALLA has been taking quite a few passes lately at customizing the superlative Porsche Carrera GT and none have really knocked us off our feet or done this car true justice. First out of the starting blocks was the GEMBALLA Mirage GT Carbon Edition with its white and black color scheme and carbon-fiber everywhere humanly possible. Ho hum… Then came the GEMBALLA Mirage GT Gold Edition, a car that would make conspicuous consumption connoisseurs the world over very proud… But now we have the GEMBALLA Mirage GT Matt Edition, a stellar exotic that we would be proud to park in our driveway. The guts are still the same as they are in the other models using a modified version of Porsche’s V10 engine rated at 670 hp, with 3.7-second runs from 0-to-60 mph and a nut of 208 mph.

We’ve seen the GEMBALLA Mirage GT Matt Edition offered in matte black with blue or red interior and exterior accents as well as a matte gun metallic finish with yellow trim. But our guess is that for the additional $350,000+ you’ll pay along with roughly $440,000 for the base Carrera GT, GEMBALLA will probably hook you up with whatever combo your heart desires. If it was me, I’d grab the one with the matte black paint job with red highlights.

Gemballa Mirage GT - Matt Edition in Gun Metal & Yellow

In any case, this company has finally found a winning combination of performance and aesthetic enhancements that really take the stellar Porsche Carrera GT to another level. This isn’t the last variation we’ll see from GEMBALLA as this is a pretty popular car for them to tweak. As it currently stands they have like 5 different iterations. Since the Carrera GT is no longer manufactured by Porsche and, consequently, scarce in the marketplace, we just wonder where GEMBALLA keeps finding a steady supply of base models for their Mirage GT editions.


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  1. Zack Chases Cars

    That matte black, viewed from the side, makes this car stunning. Finally GEMBALLA got it right. That’s almost too soft a word. In my opinion they nailed it. It’s great to see them live up to their reputation and history. The 911 Avalanche is an incredible looking car. I actually liked it better than their previous Carrera GT packages. But this GT blows past the Avalanche. It looks stealthy, but furious. Wicked, fast, but like a dormant thunder storm. You see a big black cloud, but the look of the cloud doesn’t show how powerful the storm will be when it hits. Kind of like a killer whale, it’s dangerous but smooth. In my opinion, a Great White Shark looks more terrifying than a killer whale. Sharp lines, open mouth, pointy, focused, it just looks damn scary. When a killer whale’s mouth is closed, it just looks like a nice friendly whale, like Free Willy. Then you learn that they can actually kill sharks, and you see them with new respect. Depending on the angle you see this car, it can be that whale, or that shark. Fantastic.

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