Freak Accident at Argentinean Rally Between Driver Villagra and a Pack of Horses (VIDEO)

WRC Villagra Accident at Argentinean Rally with Horse

This past weeking during the famous race “Vuelta de la Manzana” (rally round the block) in the province of Neuquen, Argentina, there was a freak accident between WRC driver Federico Villagra and a pack of horses. As “El Coyote” was coming around a corner and over a hill, a group of three caballos crossed in front of his Mitsubishi Lancer. One of the horses was hit hard and hurled into the air. The other two managed to escape serious harm. Even though the windshield was not damaged, only the front of the car, Villagra who frequently led, had to leave the race. The Argentinean Rally Championship eventually was won by Nicolás Madero. Warning: this video is graphic and disturbing.

Source: YouTube

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