Festina Gran Turismo – Ode to the Glory Days of Racing

Festina Gran Turismo Chronograph Watch

Festina, who has been making watches for 106 year, shares part of its storied history with the glory days of road racing. As a tribute, this new watch has enough functions in its Quartz chronograph to cover any day at the track with times in seconds, minutes and hours. But for those that like to split hairs, there is also an alloy wheel clock that works in 1/10th of a second increments.

Similar to the weight reduced cars found at races like Le Mans, this Festina GT uses stainless steel and carbon fiber to keep it svelt. If you happen to go off the road, perhaps into a small lake or the ocean, the screw-in caseback allows the watch to stay water-resistent down to 330 ft even if you don’t. Cost: $395

Source: Herrington Catalog via Festina USA

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