Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Set for 2010 Grand Opening

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Theme parks like Disneyland create entire worlds of wonder. But most of these expansive play grounds are lumbering giants filled with aging rides and tired dress-up characters. They need a shot of adrenaline. Enter Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. On a site adjacent to the F1 Grand Prix marina circuit on Yas Island, Ferrari has been constructing an amazing 200,000 square meter indoor theme park, the largest ever created. The building was designed by renown architectural firm Benoy and features a double curve side profile reminiscent of the classic Ferrari GT. It also sports a signature 215-foot tall Ferrari logo, the largest of its kind.

Under the giant red steel roof will be housed the world’s fastest roller coaster simulating an F1 car, a g-force tower that extends past the 150-foot high roof into the sky, various racing simulators, a flume ride through a massive 599 GTB engine as well as driving and racing schools. In addition to the 20+ rides, there will be plenty of shopping, including a new Ferrari flagship store, along with tons of hospitality options. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will open its doors next year and will sure to be a huge draw.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Source: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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