Expression Motorsport Mercedes-Benz SLK Wide Body R left front 3/4 view

Expression Motorsport Mercedes-Benz SLK Widebody R is a Fat-Flanked Phenom

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The current Mercedes-Benz SLK might not be widely considered the most driver-centric small German roadster made today (Crazier-than-Sriracha-infused-lederhosen SLK55 AMG notwithstanding.), but it’s just as well suited to relaxed, top-down sunny day sojourns as any Z4, TT or Boxster. Additionally, we happen to think it looks quite handsome.

Expression Motorsport Mercedes-Benz SLK Wide Body R rear 3/4 view

But what if you have the latest evolution of Mercedes-Benz’s tidy two-seater, yet you want it to look substantially more butch? Well, you would want to put a call into a Belgian company by the name of Expression Motorsport. For about a quarter century, Expression Motorsport has been producing and selling body kits and other appearance-related components for Mercs of almost all shapes and sizes. And the newest kit for the R172 SLK – which they call the EX SLK R – is just the thing to take this model to the next level.

Expression Motorsport Mercedes-Benz SLK Wide Body R right front 3/4 view

The new fascias, side skirts and quad tailpipes are certainly distinctive, but the fender flares take this package to the next level. They not only offer the opportunity to fit significantly wider wheels and tires, but they also deliver faint echoes of how an SLK55 AMG Black Series would look. But since AMG won’t build one, a regular SLK55 with one of these kits installed is the next best thing. We can live with that.

Source: Expression Motorsport

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