Porsche 911 in a tunnel

Disturbing the Peace: Late-Night Porsche Play with Magnus Walker [Video]

[vimeo width=”960″ height=”540″]http://vimeo.com/72364160[/vimeo]

It’s rather difficult to not be jealous ofMagnus Walker. Yes, his physical appearance might suggest he’s a homeless person or street preacher, but he is in fact a successful clothier. And Downtown L.A. real estate maven. And – of greatest interest to us – vintagePorschecollector and customizer. Correction: VintagePorschecollector and customizerwho regularly drives them.

Obviously,Magnus’ style – even the one pertaining to his cars – isn’t for everybody; in fact, we’re quite certain there are Porsche concours judges who throw darts at a dartboard that has a picture of his face taped on top of it when they’re taking siestas from trying to replicate the exact factory-correct spacing between the umlauts on their’68 911E’s underhood chalk marks. But here’s the thing: Mr. Walker is just gonna keep right on doing his own thing. Sounds good to us.

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