Corum Admiral AC-One 45 Chronograph Bronze is No Third Place Finisher

The Bronze Age was the era in which humankind took its first big steps toward civilization-as-we-know-it. However, we’re guessing no grandchild of hunter-gatherers could have foreseen there would someday be a mechanical means of tracking the passage of time…especially a means that makes so artful a use of bronze as this new watch from Corum.

Called the Corum Admiral AC-One 45 Chronograph Bronze, this tasty timepiece is built around a 45 mm case made from variegated, chemically-tarnished bronze that is a welcome change of pace from the typical polished and brushed examples of the material. Another nice break from the norm is the rich brown teak wood face, with vertically-aligned grain and hour markers patterned after nautical signal flags. The back of the case shows off the automatic CO116 movement, which is supplemented by a Dubois-Depraz chronograph module. That’s some pretty heavy-hitting hardware for “just” $11,800 or so.

Source: Corum

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