Clarion’s New MiND Mobile Internet Navigation Device

Clarion MiND Mobile Internet Navigation Device (Source: Clarion)

It’s the holidays and cool tech products are always top of mind. One of the most exciting mobile gadgets to be released in time for Christmas is the ClarionMiND Mobile Internet Navigation Device. The name of the device sums it up pretty well. Clarion has released a gps navigation unit that also functions as an internet browser and multimedia wiz.

A bright 4.8 inch LCD touchscreenproduces a great viewing experience for movies, videos or turn by turn navigation. The device runs on a Linux OS and comes with a built in browser, Real Media Player and widgets for mySpace, YouTube, weather and news. Bluetooth and WiFi provide connectivity and a 4GB SSD module provides storage with a MicroSD slot for more memory.

As Internet connectivity becomes ubiquitous and makes it’s way into more and more devices, Clarion has provided a solid multimedia unit for a reasonable price of $649 (Crutchfield). Clarion’s MiND comes in your choice of red, white or black.

Source: Clarion USA, Crutchfield

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