Circle R Ranch is a Rocky Mountain High Homestead

The Colorado Rockies, in addition to effectively being the spine of our country, are home to some of the most spectacular vistas in this or any other hemisphere. And just north of Aspen, you’ll find the town of Woody Creek which, in addition to being home to Woody Creek Tavern and its intriguing regular, vegetarian and vegan cuisine and Hunter S. Thompson memorabilia, is home to the Circle R Ranch, a sprawling compound that’s sure to serve up year-round bliss.

Occupying an astonishing 244 acres, the Circle R Ranch currently consists of six separate single-family homes, with a grand total of 22 bedrooms, 18 full bathrooms and 5 half-baths. A multitude of storage sheds and barns provide lodging for agricultural equipment, tools and horses, plus there’s an outdoor tennis and basketball court and a private 500-tree evergreen grove, in case you want to go into the Christmas tree business. And speaking of when Old Man Winter checks in, the world famous skiing and snowboarding slopes of Aspen are just a short drive away…and when summer rolls around again, Aspen Motorsports Park is even closer. Do those amenities and the many we didn’t mention make this homestead worth $39.9 million to you? Well even with it doesn’t, that’s what the seller is looking to get.

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty

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