Cigars Have a History of Being Cool


“Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man’s enjoyment of his cigar.” – Mark Twain

Twain’s passion for cigars is nearly as famous as his works of literature. And, his passion for cigars wasn’t unfounded. Cigars are awesome, and they have a long history behind them. By many they are considered almost artful in their designs and flavors. People worldwide faithfully smoke cigars and are true admirers of them.

American Cigar History

The popularity of cigars began with Columbus after he came to theAmericas anddiscovered tobacco. These discoveries are of course debatable because there were already natives living here, and many argue that America was truly discovered by the Venetian navigator and explorer, Zuan Chabotto. That being said, Columbus did play a significant role in popularizing cigars.

Cigars existed before Columbus, but he was the one who promoted them to the western world. Columbus’ crew witnessed Native Americans rolling up tobacco leaves and smoking them. As the years passed, these rolling techniques were improved until they were completely mastered.

Throughout the years, cigars spread throughout Europe and eventually infiltrated the American market after the lands had been settled. Special cigar manufacturing machines were created, but the best cigars are still those that are hand-rolled.

In the 2000s many cigar brands,such asRocky Patel,became famous for their blends,which feature “strong and savory smokes.” A cigar brand isn’t a single blend, but rather a theme of different blends. There are many different tastes and flavors to match a variety of palates, including those that are ultra-flavorful and those that have a more mild taste.

Why Cigars are so Popular

Cigars remain a true delight for connoisseurs worldwide. The reasons for their widespread popularity varies from person to person, but there’s some factors which are commonly accepted by everyone. They are as follows:

· Relaxation: It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 ½ hours to smoke a cigar (depending on the cigar’s size). According to, “This can be a time of quiet reflection away from outside disturbances.” A cigar is excellent company when you’re relaxing with your thoughts.

· Art: A cigar is a handheld work of art. It’s expertly rolled, and includes a master blend. Its elements work together to create a pleasant smoke. People all over become connoisseurs of the types of cigars, and many have built careers on building the perfect cigar.

· Flavor: If you’ve never smoked a cigar, recommends beginning with a mild cigar. “Cigars can be sneaky with nicotine if you’re not careful…take baby steps toward the full-bodied, full-strength cigars.” This will allow you to truly experience the tasty flavor of a full-bodied cigar.

Smoking a cigar is an experience and a hobby. The hobby begins with exploration, where you try and find your ideal flavor. Once you’ve hunted down your ideal flavor, the cigar is there to forever satisfy your taste. Smoking it with friends can inspire memories of relaxation and enjoyment. Smoking alone can spur the imagination and inspire great ideas, as it did for Mark Twain.

As time passes, your flavor preferences are likely to change, and once again you’ll be on the hunt; you’ll be on the pursuit of finding that perfect flavor. That’s why cigars are a hobby for many people; it evolves and it’s an urge you have to follow.

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