CEC Unleashes Tuner Edition Lexus LFA

CEC Lexus LFA Tuner Edition

For 20-plus years, Claus Ettensberger Corporation, better known as CEC, has been bringing some of the world’s best modification programs to the US including the likes of Brabus, AC Schnitzer, Tech-Art and Novitec-Rosso. They also have their own line of high-end wheels and offer everything from styling tweaks to full race-bred customizations. A new partnership with Lexus North America has this Los Angeles-based tuner set to deliver 3 limited edition LFAs, with each supercar tailored to the whims of the individual customer. In fact, Sherif Yassa, Vice President of CEC went so far as to say, “We believe these three CEC Tuner Edition LFAs will be the most expensive and rarest of all the LFA supercars that Lexus will manufacturer and sell worldwide.”

In order to live up to this lofty goal, CEC is starting out their customization by using the Nurburgring Edition as a base. Out of the LFA’s total production run of just 500 vehicles, only 50 will be available with this package which provides additional aerodynamic enhancements and downforce by way of a fixed rear wing, enlarged front spoiler, canards and fin-type side spoilers all crafted from carbon fiber. In addition, the suspension has been retuned, gearbox changes accelerated to just .15 seconds and an additional 10 horsepower squeezed out of the 4.8-liter V10 engine for a grand total of 570hp. The car tops out at 202 mph and can sprint from 0-60 mph in just under 3.7 seconds.

 CEC Lexus LFA Tuner Edition

Thanks to all the engineering wizardry that went into creating this car, CEC’s upgrades will mostly be limited to aesthetic mods. “We looked at the LFA and what Lexus engineers had done, and knew it would be crazy to try and improve it from a performance or engineering standpoint,” said Claus Ettensberger, founder of CEC. We still don’t know what the 3 limited edition LFAs will look like but at a recent press event, CEC had on hand a Nurburgring Edition showcasing their lightweight forged wheels, with one style represented on each side. Split five-spoke C882 rims in silver were mounted on the right while thin five-spoke C884 rims finished in black were set on the left. Each 21-inch wheel also weighed in at a scant 21 pounds and was wrapped in Michelin’s most technically advanced rubber to date, Pilot Super Sport tires.

There is no word yet on what the prices will be for the CEC Tuner Edition Lexus LFA. Customers can order the car in any trim they desire and the addition of the Nurburgring Package and CEC’s carbon-fiber mods and wheel selection will naturally add to the $375,000 base price. As we’re in the area, hopefully we can provide updates as the 3 custom LFAs get rolled out…

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