Bulgari Brings Forth the Octo Maserati Watch [w/ Video]

With most automaker-branded non-automotive products, the carmaker tie-in is broadcast “loud and proud.” The logos, names and colors are on display front-and-center, no doubt to get the most out of the license for which they paid serious dough-rey-mi. The folks who buy these goods think they’re cool, but most outside observers like us find them cheesy, douchey, or some other unflattering adjective.

Bulgari, to its credit, has taken a different approach with its new Octo Maserati watch. For starters, you can’t really tell right off the bat that it’s Maserati-branded item. Only when you turn the watch itself over do you see the Italian manufacturer’s trident logo. But the subtle co-branding isn’t the only noteworthy feature of this timepiece.

Breitling Rolls out Bentley Continental GT V8 Inspired Watch

  Rare is the automaker-branded non-automotive product that was developed with a great deal of involvement from said automaker. Most of the time, the car company waits for the trinketmaker's check to clear and, once that happens, it's onto reviewing the next licensed product for approval. No consulting on the size and placement of the logo on that toilet seat cover or shot glass set, or what the thread count of that blanket-with-sleeves is.   The working relationship between Bentley and Breitling, on the other hand, is much closer and hands-on. The British luxury car maker and the Swiss high-end watchmaker have been chummy for many moons, which is no surprise, given the no-doubt sizable overlap of their primary demographics. It should also be no surprise that Breitling is helping Bentley celebrate the launch of the new V8 version of the Continental GT and GTC with a trick new timepiece.  

Limited Edition Scuderia Ferrari One by Cabestan – Available to Ferrari Owners for a Cool $300,000

All of the high-end automakers with racing aspirations have watchmaking partners. Cars and watches just seem to go together, plain and simple. But some brands are harder to extend to the world of watches and Ferrari found this out the hard way with their collaboration with Officine Panerai. Initially, the company’s clean aesthetic and stellar craftsmanship seemed like a perfect match. But in practice, the merging of the two always seemed a bit off. Slapping the prancing horse on the crown and at 12 o’ clock and using black, red and yellow dials and markers never seem to do the trick. And so, the two parted ways.

Now, it appears that Ferrari has found a partner that exudes the flair and exclusivity that was so lacking the last go-round. Swiss watchmaking atelier Cabestan has been selected as their new partner and highly regarded designer Jean-Francois Ruchonnet has just introduced the pre-production rendering seen here. The Scuderia Ferrari One by Cabestan offers vertical tourbillon movement with plenty of aluminum and exotic carbon fiber thrown in the mix as an ode to its racing heritage.