Audi R8 V10 Limo Straddles the Line Between Track Day and Prom Night [w/ Video]

  The limousine-building industry is in a bit of a transitional period right now, as one of the most (if not the most) popular starting points for a limousine conversion – the Lincoln Town Car – is no more. The Town Car's body-on-frame construction made the stretching process far more straightforward than it is with unibody vehicles, plus it was durable and easy to work on; this shouldn't be surprising, since this old school Lincoln was built on the same Panther platform as the taxi- and law-enforcement-favorite Ford Crown Victoria.   So what will take the Town Car's place? Lincoln wants coachbuilders to switch to their MKT crossover, but Cadillac, Chrysler and others are fighting for pieces of the pie, too. But it's hard to predict what vehicle – if any – will become the new dominator of the livery market. We can tell you, though, that it won't be the Audi R8 V10…but that isn't stopping one coachbuilder from stretching one.  

How to Turn Your Car Into a Ferrari

Until you have that expected lottery win, or the next round of riots kicks off, a Ferrari is probably out of your grasp. As well as the insane import costs of your favorite ‘raging pony’, the insurance is mind-boggling, the waiting lists are long and most of the new ones get snapped up by that bloke from Jamiroquai. But there is hope. You can transform your favorite old banger into a shiny new Ferrari with some sly purchasing and basic gluing and welding skills. Intrigued? Here’s how it goes down.