Riva 76’ Coupé is a GT for the Waves

When you hear the word “coupe” (or as our European friends prefer, “coupé”), odds are you picture a stylish fixed-roof two-door automobile. But the term can also be used to...

World’s Largest UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran Concept Stows Away McLaren MP4-12C

The trimaran is a curious watercraft. It has the width (or beam) and, consequently, stability of a wide single-hulled boat, yet the modest displacement and svelte proportions of a narrow single-hull. It also has a modest draft and no need for a weighted keel, meaning it can navigate fairly shallow waters.

Unfortunately, those two outrigger hulls (also known as amas, while the main hull is known as the vaka; these names are derived from the Maylay and Micronesian words for these same components on early catamarans and trimarans) also make a trimaran take up more space at the marina. As a result, several boat designers and manufacturers equip their vessels with folding and/or retractable outriggers to ease docking. And when you’re talking about a trimaran as big as the yacht seen here, movable amas are pretty much a necessity.

Aston Martin Voyage 55 Concept is a Stunner

Many boat builders have attempted to tie the automotive and boating worlds together over the years. Lots of wooden speedboats from the pre-World War II era featured car-like cockpit furnishings. We can name a few boats that have been modeled after Corvettes (the sports car, not the light naval cruiser). And who can forget Mauro Lecchi’s Lamborghini-inspired yacht?

Now, respected Miami-based boat designer Luiz de Basto has penned a 55-foot yacht inspired by Aston Martin’s current product lineup. And rather than just sprinkling a few Aston Martin styling cues here and there and painting the whole thing up in the company’s traditional racing colors and calling it a day, de Basto has devised something that truly looks like an Aston Martin boat. Make the jump and see what we mean.