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The Top 20 Driving Shoes in the World

While a person’s arms and hands are heavily involved in the process of driving a car in that they handle steering and changing gears, these upper extremities don’t deserve all...

We’ll Frolic & Play with Audi Carbon Skis in a Winter Wonderland

As automotive brands bleed into the world of well, everything… some interesting synergies are taking shape. Watches and other gear are the most prolific but we’ve seen product crossovers that span the gamut from Ferrari branded laptops and Mercedes bicycles to the focus of this post, winter sports equipment. Strangely enough, the new partnership between Audi and Head follows behind Saolon and Saab, Zai and Bentley among others. The duo may not be the first to the party but they are definitely the coolest.

The development of the Audi Carbon Ski Concept began back in 2008 and has gone from the drawing board into limited manufacturing. Audi Concept Design Munich uses a wooden core surrounded by layers of aluminum and titanium with a cab of carbon-fiber used to envelop the entire ski. The result is not only visually stunning but reduces weight by 200 grams campared to comparable models. And amazingly enough, it provides both greater flexibility and rigidity, two concepts that seem to be at natural odds with one another. 

Holiday 2010 Guide: Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Supercar Junkie

You may not be able to give your loved one a one-off Pagani Zonda or a Ferrari 599XX this holiday season (likely ever), but there’s no reason not to give him something with a “Lamborghini” or “Porsche” on the label. Top exotic car makers have an acute feel for just how much a name is worth, so many have licensed or leveraged their name for all kinds of gadgets, gear and gizmos. Think a little smaller than a V12-powered coupe and you can find the perfect gift that combines luxury, utility, sleek design and supercar branding.

LEGO Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Kit Makes Us Wonder if We Were Born Too Early

When compiling a list of toys that changed the world, omitting LEGO’s first interlocking plastic bricks from said list is a surefire way to get said list thrown in the same pile as theories that the moon landings were staged in a hangar at Area 51 by the same sasquatch that shot JFK. Put simply, your credibility would be nil at best. The fact of the matter is, those studded blocks changed the way kids of all ages let their imaginations manifest themselves in the physical world.

However, for much of LEGO’s history, you often had to keep using your imagination even after you’d built your creation. Although we were born well after the days when almost every LEGO piece (or element, as the company and its hardcore fans like to call them) were rectangular prisims of varying lengths, widths and heights, there were still numerous occasions where we found ourselves wanting a piece in a shape and/or color that wasn’t being made. Since that time, though, LEGO has added elements of new shapes and colors, largely due to adding some sets based on big-name licensed properties like Star Wars, Spongebob Squarepants and Ferrari. Now you can add Ferrari’s arch rival Lamborghini to that list.

One-of-a-Kind Lamborghini Safe Protects Valuables in Style

If you stop and think about it, safes are some of the least sexy products mankind has created. They’re boxy and often lack any adornment or anything resembling an actual color. Basically, they are designed to spend their days just sitting there, housing valuable products and shielding them from the one-in-however-many-thousand chance those contents will be assaulted by the likes of theives, fire, and Geraldo Rivera (Yeah, we went there.). Apparently, that wasn’t enough for one fellow.

You see, the chap who commissioned Brown Safe Manufacturing (located in the San Diego suburb of San Marcos) to build the safe seen in these pictures wanted a valuables storage vessel that would match his Lamborghini. Suffice to say, Brown did a pretty good job of capturing the spirit of a supercar from Sant’ Agata (even if they didn’t make the door open vertically; boo hiss).

VIDEO: The Gear Ring by Kinekt Design

The auto industrial complex impacts our lives in many ways but doesn’t often produce compelling fashion accoutrements, which makes sense. However, the Gear Ring by Kinetk Design is trying to change all of that. If this ring looks like it’s ready to spring into action, that’s because it’s actually fully functional. Six micro-precision gears running along the face simultaneously turn when the outer rims (which are also gears) are turned. I can just pictures these rings being exchanged during nuptials all across the country by motor-head fanatics.

The Gear Ring is made out of 316L surgical stainless steel, the highest quality found in the jewelry market, making it resistant to rusting, tarnishing, fading and scratching. It also won’t break or bend and is hypoallergenic, a plus for those with metal sensitivities. I’ve always appreciated the aesthetics of stainless steel accessories from companies like TENO, but the interactiveness and functionality of this ring definitely steps things up.

Mechanix Wear Automotive Gloves Holiday Giveaway

As most of you probably know, Mechanix Wear gloves make the best multi-use hand gear on the market today, whether you are fixing cars or racing motorcycles. Originally designed for racecar mechanics to protect their hands, these gloves have tremendous feel along with solid protection and superb gripping ability. We are fortunate enough to be partnering with Mechanix Wear to offer 3 pairs of some of their coolest gloves in a giveaway contest. Please see the details below as well as the submission guidelines.

Porsche Design Yoko Ono Sunglasses Reissued

It is an interesting phenomenon that one particular accessory can so define an era and an individual the way the original Porsche Design shades did for Yoko Ono. Maybe that was a little over the top, but starting in 1979 and all through the mid-eighties, these shades were worn so much by Yoko Ono that they became widely known as the Yoko Ono sunglasses. This look graced the cover of albums, magazines (like the Rolling Stones) and at press conferences. These re-released Porsche Design P’8479 sunglasses are updated with Beta-Titanium, a new material used in space travel that is both lightweight and flexible. The visible screws running along the outsides of the frame make for futuristic yet retro look, like Mad Max meets Giselle.