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SuperTooth HD: The Bluetooth Car Speakerphone We’ve Been Waiting For

Bluetooth is one of those old technologies that somehow still seems cool. I don’t know if it’s the name or the fact that anything wireless seems to be a huge win, but Bluetooth has always seemed cutting edge even though it came to market back in 1994, originally developed by Ericsson to eliminate the need for computer data cables. Fast forward almost two decades and, after many attempts to put Bluetooth to use for practically every application under the sun, it still primarily functions in hands-free call devices, either via a headset, speakerphone or some kind of integrated wireless hardware inside a vehicle.

The SuperTooth HD is a device that takes Bluetooth technology (now on Version 3.0) and truly makes it seem like it’s version 2012. The noise-cancelling microphone does an excellent job of removing wind and road noise as well as errant sounds. Incoming calls benefit from spoken caller ID and you can even answer or decline based on spoken commands. But things really get interesting when you access capabilities such as Tweeting, updating your Facebook status or checking e-mail, all via your voice. It even offers multi-point pairing, so you can have two phones connected to it at once. This is all pretty awesome for a visor-mounted speakerphone.