PPI Design R8 Razor GTR Blackens the Snow

Ah, to be an international skiing superstar. Getting to travel the world, fly down snow-cloaked slopes at freeway speeds, thrill audiences, prove your mettle against the world’s best, thrill thousands upon thousands of fans and, at the end of the day, decompress from all the occupation’s stresses in a hot tub with your favorite snowbunny (or snowbunnies). What a life…

Swedish ace Jon Olsson probably does most of those things listed above, as well as being involved in multiple skiing-related business ventures, including his own goggle company, Yniq. He also has a serious supercar jones, one that he has satisfied in the past with a customized, rooftop-ski-box-equipped Lamborghini Gallardo. Now, though, he’s rolling in the Gallardo’s Teutonic sister, the Audi R8 V10. But as you can clearly see, this is hardly your factory standard R8.

Mister Cartoon Unveils His Sanctiond Car Care Product Line

Los Angeles is a city filled to the brim with artists. Their work appears on the big screen, the small screen, on the radio, in galleries, and even on people. And while not as many of you have heard of the artist known as Mister Cartoon as, say, George Clooney or Jay-Z, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen his work somewhere. Cartoon (or Toons, as he’s known to his friends) could be considered “Tattoo Artist to the Stars,” since he’s inked up the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent and Beyonce. He’s also designed numerous album covers, and special edition products for high profile companies like Nike, Microsoft, Vans and MetroPCS.

Now, after years of bringing his signature style to life for others, Cartoon is rolling out his own product line. But it’s not clothing or home décor or anything like that. No, Mister Cartoon’s first self-branded work is…car care products.

The 20 Coolest NFL Player Cars

Thomas Jones’ Red Phantom

The first thing almost every NFL player does when they sign their first big contract is go buy the car of their dreams. Then they take that car to one of those custom shops and have them add new rims, seat cushions with their name on it and an Xbox 360. After that they usually call up the Kardashian sisters, tell them to invite a couple of friends and have a car party. It’s the coolest part about being an NFL player that they don’t show you on Hard Knocks.

The 20 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Car Wash Photos

Summer is almost over which means the chances of having your car washed by hot girls in bikinis is getting smaller by the day. What makes matters worse is that there are literally thousands of attractive women all over the country who own bikinis that could be washing your car right now, but they’re too busy being waitresses or working at The Gap. And if someone can please explain to me why there isn’t a national bikini car wash chain that serves free chicken wings while you wait, I’d really appreciate it.