Castrol Moto’s Flossie the Motorcycle Test Robot (VIDEO)

Castrol Moto Flossie Motorcycle Test Robot

Boy, times are a changin’. We hem and haw about jobs going overseas but no one wants to talk about what’s really going on. Every day more and more jobs are being passed on to robots. For example, take a look at Castrol Moto‘s new robotic motorcycle rider, Flossie, a mechanical ‘being’ created to test synthetic oils. Good ole’ Flossie can handle any type of motorcycle or scooter with his self-learning mode and quickly get up to speed on gear change patterns, clutch feel and throttle acceleration to dole out some serious rpms under a variety of simulated conditions that could be too harsh for us fragile humans to manage.

Unlike us fleshlings, Flossie doesn’t bitch and moan about how much his ass hurts from riding for 37 hours straight in blistering cold or extreme desert hot temperatures. Not a peep when riding at 16,000 rpms inside an isobaric chamber. He just takes it like a man and delivers reliable and consistent results. Flossie is being heralded as “the ultimate precision rider.”

Is Castrol Moto a burgeoning Cyberdyne Systems? Does Obama need to immediately change his focus this week from Healthcare to Flossie and the implications for our society? Or is this just a cool robot test driver that is really just doing a job humans wouldn’t want to perform anyhow? Check out the video after the jump and decide for yourself.

Source: Faster & Faster | Castrol Moto

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